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EU official tells SNP it must commit to euro

The SNP has been dealt a fresh currency blow after another European Union official said new member states must join the euro.

It was reported on Sunday morning that an EU spokeswoman said any new entrants are “legally committed” to signing up to the currency.

It comes days after multiple sources reiterated that a separate Scotland would not gain EU status without joining the euro.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“This is another huge blow to Nicola Sturgeon’s independence plans.

“It is clear that it was misleading to suggest that a separate Scotland could join the EU without committing to join the euro.

“The SNP’s policies on the economy and currency are a complete farce.

“By remaining as a central part of the UK, Scotland will continue using the pound while trading freely with far-and-away our most valued market.”

You can read more here, and here

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03 nov. 2022

Name the official - otherwise we can only conclude you are lying.


May Mutch
May Mutch
31 okt. 2022

Nicola will still unfortunately think that she will be given a pass to everything that she wants. That the EU are so desperate to have Scotland within their grasp that they will grant every demand from the SNP, to try and niggle the rest of the U.K. It won’t work but then Nicola never listens to anyone other than herself.

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