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Today we launch the #EveryonesFlag campaign!

Ahead of St Andrew’s Day on Friday, we hope as many of our supporters as possible will take part to show that Scotland’s culture, our history, our symbols and our flag belong to all of us who live in or affiliate with Scotland, not any one political party or campaign.

Our director, Alastair Cameron, has written of the campaign that it aims to address “…the frustration that many Scots feel about the way in which the nationalists have attempted to appropriate the Saltire as a separatist symbol” in today’s blog. You can read more here.

Supporting the campaign is simple, add our #EveryonesFlag Facebook Frame or Twibbon (for Twitter) to your social media profile picture. Throughout the week we will be posting #EveryonesFlag articles, please read and share if you can.

Thank you for your continued support!


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