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Pauline Eggermont: From small beginnings come great things.

Picture from our Inverness meeting on Thursday 21st June 2018

"From small beginnings come great things": this quote is pretty much what has happened in Inverness of late. Last night saw a very successful meeting for Scotland in Union, with the room practically at bursting point. We enjoyed very informative talks from Cllr Carolyn Caddick (Liberal Democrats), Cllr Andrew Jarvie (Conservative) and Lord Clive Soley (former Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party).

Cllr Caddick expressed her concern about the dire and worsening financial position of the Highland Council, whilst Cllr Jarvie voiced his sadness at the way the Saltire has been used and abused by the SNP. He touched on the fact that when he sees our Saltire flying beside a property he automatically thinks “Nationalist”. Lord Soley was an enthusiastic and great speaker, adding that “our Union was the most successful Union in the history of the world!”. We felt very privileged that he had joined us for the meeting and he hopes to take an active part in future events too.

We really are building something here in Inverness and the surrounding areas.

As the organiser for Inverness it was certainly a hard slog over the last two years or so trying to get people to put their heads above the parapet and build a northern support base for Scotland in Union. Last night’s event shows just how far we have come along, and how much our hard work is starting to pay off. With a packed room full of new supporters and people who want to do more to support Scotland in Union and safeguard our place in the UK.

The evening ended with a raffle and a bottle of whisky was won, and then put up for auction! Lord Soley paid a good price for it and then kindly handed it back to be used at the next event! I wonder how mature that whisky will eventually become!

I would urge more people to support Scotland in Union, they are always looking for more volunteers and more organisers to help spread the message that Scotland doesn’t want or need another divisive referendum.

Pauline Eggermont, Inverness organiser.


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