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Happy 75th Birthday to our NHS!

Our incredible NHS is cherished right across the UK, by people of all backgrounds and political beliefs, as it is fundamental to our way of life.

Seventy-five years ago, it was born from the simple belief that healthcare should be free at the point of need, regardless of ability to pay.

And it is about even more than that.

It is about the society that we want to live in.

A society where the worry about access to care and treatment for ourselves and our families is alleviated.

A society where we all look after each other.

The Scottish Government manages our NHS here in Scotland, and we share access to specialist treatments right across the UK.

As part of the UK we have more money to spend on public services, although it is for the Scottish Government to decide how much to invest in our health service and how it is spent.

Unfortunately, due to 16 years of mismanagement, today we have an NHS that is under staffed, under resourced and under valued by the SNP and the Greens, who are tasked with looking after it.

The nationalists are so focused on breaking up Britain, that they have completely neglected the day job.

Enough is enough.

It is time for politicians to look after our NHS, the way it always strives to look after us.

If you believe the SNP/Green government should prioritise spending on our NHS instead of trying to break up Britain, then you can sign our End The Spend Petition here.


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