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Joanna Cherry claims Scotland could leave the UK without a referendum

Leading SNP MP Joanna Cherry has claimed that Scotland could leave the UK without a referendum.

She cited Ireland as a historic ‘precedent’, even though Irish independence came about following violence.

“While no-one wants to replicate the violence that preceded those negotiations, the Treaty is in legal and constitutional terms a clear precedent which shows that a constituent part of the UK can leave and become independent by process of negotiation after a majority of pro-independence MPs win an election in that constituent part,” she wrote.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“These are irresponsible remarks from a leading SNP figure and Nicola Sturgeon should distance her party from these comments.

“The comparison with what happened in Ireland over 100 years ago is insulting.

“Ignoring the views of the people of Scotland and leaving the UK by the back door would be a democratic outrage.

“The SNP should drop its obsession with how to divide our nation and work on bringing people together to rebuild our economy and public services.”

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11 січ. 2021 р.

Am independent Scotland would not be able to fund the NHS never mind purchase the Covid Vaccines.


JO Don
JO Don
09 січ. 2021 р.

The notion of bringing people together is a bit rich after 20 odd years of Brexit.

The notion of bringing people together is a bit rich when Scottish MPs are specifically excluded from voting on laws affecting only England. (EVEL), while English MPs have presumed to take a right of veto over Scots laws, without any democratic authority.

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