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The SNP Government's Finance Secretary Derek Mackay has been accused of trying to ‘cook the books’ by publishing rival figures to the Scottish Government’s official GERS data.

In an insult to the impartial and dedicated work of civil servants, he will publish a separate analysis for anti-UK supporters.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“This is an attempt by Derek Mackay to cook the books, and is a gross insult to the hard work of dedicated, impartial civil servants who produce the official figures.

“He may not like the harsh reality that Scotland’s economic position is better as part of the UK, but trying to undermine his own Government’s data is ridiculous.

“The facts are clear: the difference between how much Scotland contributes per head in taxes and receives back in public spending is nearly £2,000 per head.

“If Derek Mackay wants to be honest with voters he will explain how much money he would take away from schools and hospitals for the sake of a border with England.”

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