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Three Years On Since Our Launch: An Update From Founder Alastair Cameron

It’s almost exactly three years since Scotland in Union’s launch, on 5th March 2015.

At that event, I said:

‘We represent the majority of people in Scotland and in the UK. We are sometimes called the silent majority, but I prefer ‘the moderate majority’…we are sometimes quiet, but we are not quiescent; we are proud without being prejudiced; we are dignified and determined – and even if sometimes shouted down, we will not be silenced.

Many nationalists define being Scottish as somehow being exclusive, with Scotland standing alone, separate from the UK. We say “No” to that narrow view, and we say “Yes” to being inclusively Scottish.’

Since then, our fantastic volunteers, supporters and staff have helped SIU to grow into the leading non-party pro-UK campaign in Scotland, active across the country and standing up for the majority.

As well as looking back three years, though, we must also look at least three years ahead. We must not drift into the complacency that could make the 2021 Scottish Parliament election a repeat of the result in 2011 - when the SNP squeaked into power in a low-turnout election, with many complacently disregarding the referendum in their manifesto.

We must stand up now, while the SNP (and Scottish Greens) continue to try to divide Scotland and divide the UK. We must remind people how much positive is at stake, and point out how the nationalists’ agenda makes for bad decisions affecting people’s lives in Scotland. We must also be ready to react if Sturgeon tries to re-ignite her ‘indyref 2’ drive, which she was pushing hard this time last year.

Scotland in Union will be there with you, and there for you, but needs your continued support to see this through. Please continue to do what you can to support our vital campaign.


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