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April 1st: Nicola Sturgeon in Top Ten Union List

Nicola Sturgeon is the surprise new entry into a list of people who have done the most to support the union, based on a recent survey. The annual survey features people who have promoted or supported the UK over the years, and this year’s results feature the former First Minister in second position, behind the late Queen Elizabeth II and knocking former Chancellor and leader of the 2014 Better Together campaign, Alistair Darling, into third place.

Many on the list have featured in previous years, including Ruth Davidson, former leader of the Scottish Conservatives, along with other figures who played key roles in the 2014 referendum such as Blair MacDougall (Better Together’s Campaign Director) and former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Historical figures include King James VI and I, and Queen Anne, who was on the throne when the Act of Union was signed.

However, Ms Sturgeon is not the only nationalist to feature this year. Rising in the list from 20th to 6th is Lorna Slater MSP, while another nationalist new entrant is Kate Forbes, who has gone straight in at number 12 on the list following her performance in the SNP leadership race.

Commenting on the results, Professor Jack Curtis of the University of Inverclyde said: ‘Some people may be surprised to see the former First Minister on the list, but bear in mind that it is based on results, not intention. It seems that people recognise that with her sudden departure with no competent successor, Ms Sturgeon has assisted the unionist cause in a major way. Similarly, Ms Slater’s recent performance has led directly to increased pro-UK sentiment, while Ms Forbes has been an influential and vocal critic of the SNP government.’

Other reactions to the results came from Buckingham Palace, which issued a short statement saying ‘This really is appalling,’ and Humza Yousaf, the current caretaker leader of the SNP. When asked for comment, Mr Yousaf responded: ‘Oh yes, right, let me think about that. I’ll get back to you. Sorry, busy right now dealing with angry tweets from Ash Regan's supporters and passive-aggressive WhatsApps from Kate Forbes and her faction.'

Notes for editors: Polling company Surveytion carried out a survey in Scotland of 1,707 adults and Scottish Green Party politicians, on behalf of think-tank the Foundation for Outstanding Onward Leadership in Scotland. Respondents were asked to pick their top three from a long-list, according to various attributes, and the votes were counted by Peter Murrell.


Gordon McQueen
Gordon McQueen
Apr 01, 2023

Excellent, lol looking forward to the implosion of the SNP, asap


Apr 02, 2023
Replying to

Are you going to be waiting a long time

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