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Only 1/3 back Nicola Sturgeon's timetable for another divisive referendum in 2023

Only around one-third of people in Scotland support Nicola Sturgeon’s plan for a second independence referendum next year, according to a new opinion poll published today.

The YouGov poll also found that 55% of adults in Scotland oppose the Scottish Government’s decision to budget £20 million for the proposed 2023 contest.

Asked to choose the three most important issues that the Scottish Government should prioritise over the next two years, only one-fifth (20%) chose ‘a referendum on Scottish independence’.

The NHS (59%), economy (57%) and education (23%) were all ranked as more important.

The YouGov poll, conducted on behalf of pro-UK campaign group Scotland in Union, included 1,062 adults aged 16+ with fieldwork undertaken between June 23 and 27 – concluding one day before Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement to Parliament.

The SNP leader wants to hold a referendum in October next year, and has even claimed the next General Election should be a “de facto referendum” with the nationalists standing on a single issue of breaking up the UK.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“This confirms that Nicola Sturgeon is acting against the will of the people of Scotland.

“The people of Scotland are telling her loud and clear – we don’t want a divisive second referendum on leaving the UK next year.

“A majority of Scots oppose her plan to waste £20million on an unwanted contest, and they don’t see a referendum as a priority for the government.

“Ministers should focus on what really matters to people – our cherished NHS, the economy and jobs, our schools, and the environment.

“Scotland’s positive future is as part of the UK, bringing together people and communities, keeping the pound, avoiding a hard border between friends and families, investing more in our NHS and schools, tackling the climate emergency, maintaining our seat at the top table of international organisations, and creating more jobs.”

See data tables here.

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Jun 30, 2022

She will stop at nothing to get her way, We must stay together and stop her madness,

Scotland cannot go it alone

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