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Pauline Eggermont: I am a Child of the UK

I am indelibly a child of the United Kingdom and feel so privileged to be so. With a Scottish mother, a first language Gaelic speaker, and an English father, a city gent, my mix is clear.

Having spent my early years hurtling sideways through the night on sleeper trains from Kings Cross to Fort William I was always very aware of our UK and the miles between us all. Arriving at my Granny's cottage after a long journey, the warm welcome from my Scottish family and the excitement at our arrival was tangible. How we all loved each other and still do.

There are no barriers whatsoever that have separated us or should ever be allowed to separate us. It is simply inconceivable that we should consider parts of our shared Island separate, different or alien.

Those who endeavour to create discord amongst us should be very ashamed. To me the notion of independence is a pointless, nasty one that has played on people's vulnerability and has been spoon fed with a lot of sugar to masque the true bitterness! Economically it makes no sense but emotionally it is simply wicked. We are one family and must remain that way, a Union and a proud one.

- Pauline Eggermont


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