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Scotland rejects the SNP's divisive agenda

It is clear that people across Scotland have decisively rejected the SNP and their divisive agenda. The SNP has been reduced to nine seats, with only one seat left to declare. In short, this is a great result for Scotland.

We are pleased to note that the party we recommended as best placed to beat the SNP came first or second in all of the seats declared so far.

Commenting on the result of the General Election Alastair Cameron, chair of Scotland in Union, said:

“It is clear that the people of Scotland have rejected the nationalists and their divisive agenda.

“The SNP would have claimed a good result as a mandate to try to break apart the UK; this result shows that they have no such mandate, and that people want their politicians to focus on the things which matter to them day to day.

“Members of the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood should also listen to the message which the people of Scotland have sent in this election. It’s time to move on from constitutional debates and division, and to concentrate on areas which matter to people most, such as health, transport, education and the environment.”

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Gordon McQueen
Gordon McQueen
Jul 05

Great result for Scotland let's keep it going and finish the job.

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