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Scotland’s drug-related death figures published

A report published today has revealed 1,051 people died as a result of drug misuse last year in Scotland.

While the figure is a reduction from 2021, Scotland continues to have the worst drug-related death rate in Europe.

The rate of drug poisoning deaths is 2.7 times the UK average.

Drug-related death rates were almost 16 times higher in the most deprived parts of the country than that in the least deprived areas.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“While it is encouraging to see this reduction, every single one of the 1,051 drug related deaths is tragic and avoidable.

“People want both the Scottish and UK governments to work together to eliminate unnecessary drug-related deaths and that means the SNP-Green coalition using every tool at its disposal to do so.

“And that includes tackling the underlying reasons why you are 16 times more likely to die from drug misuse if you live in our most deprived areas in than if you live in our wealthiest areas in Scotland.

“This is not the time for a constitutional fight, but for our politicians to use all powers at their disposal to make meaningful and long-lasting changes.”

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22 août 2023

Correct me if I’m wrong but the areas with the highest drug deaths are Glasgow and Dundee. They both happen to be where the SNP get

the greatest support

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