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Senior SNP MP says referendum route to independence ‘dead’

Senior SNP MP Pete Wishart has accused his own party of not having a clear strategy for breaking up the UK, adding the referendum route is “dead”.

He said the party should instead treat every election as “a verdict on independence”.

Pete Wishart MP said: "What I believe should now happen is that we contest every election with the first line of each successive manifesto stating that ‘if the SNP secures 50% plus of the vote this will mean Scotland will become an independent nation’. Every election will therefore become a verdict on independence and every vote secured for the SNP a vote to ensure our nation becomes sovereign.”

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“The people of Scotland already delivered their verdict on independence, and it’s the SNP who failed to respect it.

“The party is now divided from top to bottom and becoming increasingly desperate in how it wants to achieve the only thing it really cares about.

“The idea that elections can be used as referendums has been roundly trashed by experts and the wider public.

“Instead of trying to find new routes to constitutional chaos, the SNP should be finding a route to governing responsibly.

“It’s time for people’s priorities, not the SNP’s.”

You can read more here.

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16 de mai. de 2023

Scotland divided by SNP has become so anti-English it could be called racist !! The old adage “Patriotism is a love of your country . Nationalism is a hatred of others “. How true this has become. We are a broken country and on our own would be a deeply bankrupt nation. Long live the union. !!!

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