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SNP candidates have dropped mentions of independence from their election leaflets in the face of public opposition.

Analysis of campaign literature across the country by Scotland in Union shows that at least 40 candidates have issued leaflets which make no mention of ‘the i word’.

Instead, they use vague language such as ‘Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands’.

It comes as barely a quarter of people in Scotland back the SNP’s plans for a divisive second referendum next year, and support for remaining in the UK has grown in recent polls.

We have already warned voters that as soon as ballot papers are counted, the SNP will claim that every vote for the party is a vote for breaking up the UK. This is why we are running a tactical voting website with recommendations for voters on how to stop the SNP in each seat, which has been used nearly 40,000 times already.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“Most SNP candidates know how unpopular a divisive independence referendum is on the doorsteps, so they’re dropping the ‘i word’ from their leaflets.

“With support for remaining in the UK growing, Nationalists know how toxic independence is - so they are resorting to vague language instead.

“But as soon as the ballot papers are counted, the SNP will drop this charade and claim that every single vote it received was a vote for breaking up the UK. This is unacceptable when candidates are not being upfront. 

“If Scots don’t want their vote to be misused by Nicola Sturgeon in her negative campaign to leave the UK, they should vote to stop the SNP.”


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