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SNP Government planning to launch EU paper

The Scottish Government will launch its seventh independence paper later this week, it has been reported.

The latest document will focus on an independent Scotland’s relationship with the European Union.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“This is the seventh paper funded by the taxpayer pushing fanciful and ill thought-out SNP propaganda.

“That is a disgraceful use of time from a government that ought to be focusing on the priorities at hand.

“But instead of improving the NHS, supporting education or growing the economy, the Scottish Government only wants to talk about breaking up Britain.

“What the SNP-Green coalition need to realise is that they cannot just assert that a separate Scotland could easily join the EU.

“The process would take years, would be hugely expensive to everyone in Scotland and even after all that is very likely to fail.

“It is yet another example of a nationalist government pulling the wool over the eyes of voters on the constitution when so many more important things require urgent attention.”

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