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SNP U-Turn On ‘Most Seats’ Plan

The SNP is set to switch strategies by abandoning Humza Yousaf’s “most seats” standard for the next General Election, it has been reported.

Along with Westminster leader Stephen Flynn, the First Minister signed a motion declaring the party would begin independence negotiations if it won merely the “most” seats.

It has been reported that the wording of this will now be changed ahead of the upcoming conference to the “majority” of seats.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“Whether it’s most seats, the majority of seats, or just many seats, the SNP’s de facto referendum plan is downright dangerous.

“It is absolutely no basis upon which to fight a General Election, and voters will simply not respect it as a strategy.

“It may be an embarrassment for the SNP’s two most senior figures that their ‘most seats’ plan has been trashed.

“But the tactic in its place is equally reckless.

“General Elections are fought on a range of issues, most of which are considerably more important than the SNP’s selfish plan to break up the UK.”

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