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The SNP has today voted to fast-track its plan to scrap the pound in an independent Scotland, putting salaries, mortgages and pensions at risk.

Delegates at the party’s spring conference in Edinburgh snubbed Nicola Sturgeon by speeding up the timetable for ditching the pound.

But an opinion poll published this week revealed that 72 per cent of people in Scotland want to keep the pound.

The poll also found that only one-in-five voters back Nicola Sturgeon’s plan for a divisive second independence referendum by 2021, and support for remaining in the UK has increased to 61 per cent.

Our chief executive Pamela Nash said:

“The SNP has voted to scrap the pound and put salaries, mortgages and pensions at risk.

“In a challenge to Nicola Sturgeon’s authority, members have snubbed her proposal and voted to complete this reckless act even sooner than she wanted.

“This will be deeply unpopular with the overwhelming majority of people in Scotland, with nearly three-quarters in favour of keeping the pound.

“It’s now clear that the only way to save the pound is to remain in the UK.

“This conference debate was about when to inflict economic hardship on people in an independent Scotland – immediately, very soon or soon.

“But rather than impose deeper austerity and tax rises on families, there is a better future for Scotland as part of the UK, which is why a third of former Yes voters now want to remain in the UK.”

By remaining in the UK and saving the pound, we can:

•            Protect salaries, mortgages and pensions.

•            Grow our economy by exporting to our home market across the UK without extra red tape.

•            Use a stable currency backed by the strength of the UK’s central bank and over 30 million taxpayers.

Sign our petition here to send the message that you want to save our pound by remaining in the UK.

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