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Spread the message: We're stronger in the UK

The SNP government is using Brexit to try to break up the UK, and no matter your views on Brexit, independence is clearly not the answer!

Our new leaflet, which local teams will be receiving this month, highlight the folly of separating ourselves from our largest market; our UK Home Market.

Our UK Home Market trade is worth a staggering £48.9 billion, which amounts to a whopping 60% of our entire export trade. This is three times more than our export trade with the EU 27, sitting at just 18% - meaning 82% of Scotland’s export trade is in fact non-EU.

Our leaflet, which volunteers helped put together, also touches on the latest GERS figures, published by the SNP Government, which show a family of four in Scotland is £7,500 better off in the UK than they would be in an independent Scotland. Therefore, it is vital we protect Scotland’s place in the UK and provide certainty to families across the country.

It’s not just families that need certainty at this time, businesses up and down Scotland are craving stability as they plan for the future. The latest research from Scottish Business UK (which again is touched on in our new leaflet) show that “Scottish Independence would be at least 8 times as costly as the worst-case Brexit”.

Even in the hypothetical situation that Scotland was independent, our current deficit of 7.9% would need to be reduced to below 3%, just to apply for EU membership, and this would require deeper austerity and wouldn’t guarantee Scotland’s membership - as per the EU’s Stability & Growth Pact.

These are just some of the points our new leaflet will be focusing on over the coming few weeks.

Volunteers will be putting this message through letter boxes up and down Scotland and we would love it if you could help us reach even more people, by either joining our local teams out there, or by taking it upon yourself to leaflet you own street/area.

If you want to find out if we have a local team near you, or if you want to leaflet your own street/area then email me now with your address on and we can discuss it further.

As our leaflet states, the SNP is using Brexit to try to break up the UK, so it is up to us to get out there and promote our place in the UK as much as we possibly can. However, we cannot do this without YOU!

We can only campaign with your help! Every penny we raise goes towards promoting Scotland’s place in the UK and ensuring the campaign stays alive.

Remember this, we are up against a nationalist machine, which has the advantages of being in government, having over 100,000 paying party members, and the backing of lottery winning donors. To put this into perspective, each MP has more staff than Scotland in Union.

If you do not already contribute, then perhaps you can help with a one-off donation towards our 2019 campaign plans. To do so click here.

If you are on social media platforms you can follow our accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


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