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Tactical Voting campaign launched for 2024 General Election

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Tactical Voting website for the upcoming UK general election.

If your priority is to stop the SNP, helping to move on from the nationalists’ divisive agenda, simply enter your postcode on our Tactical Voting website for the most effective way to use your vote.

In key constituencies, using your vote tactically will help to return representatives to the UK parliament who will focus on the issues which matter most to people, not waste their efforts trying to break apart the United Kingdom.

Our voting advice focuses on the party with the best chance of defeating the nationalists in each constituency

Our message is clear: Time is up for the SNP

Click here to view our Tactical Voting website.

Alastair Cameron, chair of Scotland in Union, said:

“Polls are clear that the nationalists' obsession with breaking up the UK is not a priority for the people of Scotland, but the SNP will use every vote it receives to promote its negative vision of leaving the union.

“If you want to send representatives to parliament who will work constructively across the UK, and not pursue narrow nationalist objectives, consider voting tactically – using Scotland in Union's website as a guide.

"Voting for a party which is unlikely to win against the nationalists will ultimately help the SNP.

“Tactical voting is a rational, positive choice in key constituencies, returning politicians who will focus on the people's priorities, not the SNP's."


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