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Tuesday 20th June: Recall petition for Rutherglen and Hamilton West opens

The Rutherglen and Hamilton West recall petition will be opened from Tuesday 20th June, and will close on Monday 31st July.

If enough people sign the recall petition (10% of the electorate in the constituency) then a by-election will take place soon after.

This will be the first time a recall petition has taken place in Scotland.

The seat is currently held by former SNP MP Margaret Ferrier, who was suspended from the House of Commons for 30 days, triggering the recall.

Those wanting to sign the petition will be allocated a petition place, similar to a polling station during elections.

These locations have not yet been announced. It has been suggested that South Lanarkshire Council will have seven spread across the constituency.

Registered voters in the constituency will receive a notice similar to a polling card informing them of where they can sign the petition.

You must have been added to the register at least three working days before the recall petition opens, and you must bring photo identification along with you.

The petition can be signed in person, by post or by appointing a proxy to sign on the voter's behalf - but it cannot be signed online.

Signatures will be counted no later than one day after the end of the six-week signing period.


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