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Under the SNP, Scotland drops down the Social and Wellbeing rankings

The Index of Social and Economic Wellbeing, published by John McLaren from Scottish Trends, reveals Scotland has experienced the joint biggest fall in its international ranking - from 16th to joint 21st.

The report states: “Scotland fell into the third quartile of countries, due to a decline in its education and income performances, the latter associated with the decline in North Sea related activity. 

“Despite this, Scotland’s very poor life expectancy performance remains its weakest area of performance.”

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“Countries around the world are rightly starting to focus on wellbeing when measuring success, not just GDP, and this report is therefore deeply concerning.

“The wellbeing of all citizens should be a top priority. It’s the job of the Scottish Government to focus on delivering quality education services, economic growth for all, and better health outcomes.

“Unfortunately, the SNP Government has neglected its job while it obsesses about breaking up the UK and trying to divide communities.

“This report should serve as a stark reminder that Scotland deserves better.”

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