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    Scotland in Union evidence to House of Commons’ Scottish Affairs Committee

    Response from Scotland In Union to a call for evidence from the House of Commons’ Scottish Affairs Committee


       Scotland’s place in the EU is no different from that of any other part of the UK.

       In the EU referendum, people in Scotland voted individually, on a single question about the UK and EU, not as a block vote, and not on a question about Scotland.

       Scotland’s prosperity depends on remaining an integral part of the UK.

       There should be an all-UK approach to negotiating our future relationship with the EU.


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    The reality gap

    by Graeme Pearson

    After nearly 40 years in the police, countless interviews and court cases, I reckon I am fair judge at spotting the gap between what people say and what is the truth. 

    In many ways, it was perfect training for my time in politics. I thought I had seen it all when it came to stretching the truth until the Scottish referendum.

    You can see why Alex Salmond and Donald Trump once hit it off. Neither man lets facts or reality get in the way of their political project. On currency, the economy, oil prices, Salmond was prepared to say anything to get his way in 2014.

    Clearly, he taught his deputy well. Since the decision to leave the EU last year, the gap between Nicola Sturgeon’s rhetoric and reality is getting wider.


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    Graeme Pearson appointed chief executive of Scotland in Union

    Scotland in Union have appointed Graeme Pearson as our new chief executive.

    Graeme is a former head of the Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency and was a Labour MSP in the last Scottish Parliament. 

    He will oversee the day-to-day running of the campaign and act as official spokesman, taking over these tasks from founder Alastair Cameron, who remains as Executive Director.


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    Archie MacPherson urges people to support Scotland in Union

    Archie MacPherson joins some of our supporters in urging people to join Scotland in Union.

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    Scotland in Union's Festive Message

    Scotland in Union sent a festive message of unity all around the country this week.


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    Alastair Cameron: Why are the SNP so bad at running the country?

    Why are the SNP so bad at running the country?

    By Alastair Cameron, Scotland in Union

    Nicola Sturgeon asked us to judge her on her education record. The verdict arrived this week from independent assessors, PISA (The Programme for International Student Assessment) and it wasn’t good.


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    Interviews with the people of Scotland - Round two

    Scotland in Union has been conducting numerous short interviews with people who live across Scotland.

    These interviews have given the people a platform and chance to have their say, not politicians.

    These three clips are from our second round of interviews:

    Scotland in Union Interviews - Clip Four

    Scotland in Union Interviews -Clip Five

    Scotland in Union Interviews - Clip Six

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    St Andrew's Day - Guest Blog by Wesley Hutchins

    St. Andrews Day is quite obviously Scotland’s national day; it is in honour of the country’s patron saint and as such, it is a day for people to commemorate in the manner they feel to be appropriate, with music, food, and dance. It also marks the beginning of late fall and early winter festivals in Scotland, including Hogmanay and Burns Night.


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    We can't afford a post-truth referendum

    In the new edition of the Oxford Dictionary, squeezed between ‘post-Tridentine’ and ‘post-vaccinal’ you will find a word that characterises what passes for debate among too many of our politicians.

    After a referendum on Scottish independence, another on membership of the European Union and the US presidential election, ‘post-truth’ is a concept with we have all grown familiar, so much so that it will now appear in our national lexicon.

    The age of post-truth politics is upon us, in campaigns where emotional appeals and plausible-but-false assertions are used to overcome objective facts. As we have seen recently with the election of Donald Trump, this atmosphere can produce unexpected results.  We also see the phenomenon internationally, notably in the half-truths and obfuscation of Russia's Sputnik Radio and RT television station, but also in the pronouncements of nationalist politicians in continental Europe.


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    Scotland in Union - Consultation Response

    Scotland in Union has called for the Scottish Government to drop plans for an unnecessary and divisive referendum in its  response to a consultation on a draft bill.

    We have also highlighted:

    - the need for an independent fact-checker to ensure voters are not misled in future referendums

    - a review of the referendum question after the Electoral Commission ruled that Yes/No was biased

    - tighter rules around campaign funding to avoid abuse and overspending

    Our full consultation response is available here


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