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And this deficit is more than double the 3% maximum which would be required for a separate Scotland to join the EU. To achieve this, Scotland would need to dramatically reduce its deficit, which would require deeper spending cuts and steeper tax rises.
Scotland's future is brighter in Britain.

We share economic risk and reward. 

We share cherished UK-wide institutions.

Our voice is amplified on the global stage.


We're Stronger Together. We're Closer Together.

We're Leading Together.


Here are three reasons why Britain's future is brighter with Scotland.

Our small, skilled team, led by former MP Pamela Nash,
is working on the front line every day, organising
volunteers, building networks and making the
positive case for Scotland in the UK.  

We are Scotland’s largest and most energetic pro-UK campaign,
leading the opposition to another unnecessary referendum on
Scottish independence.  

Do you want Scotland to stay part of the UK?  
We need your support to maintain and grow our campaign.
Pamela Nash
Chief Executive Officer
BBC QT audience expresses their frustration
at the SNP's obsession with independence.

Our brilliant supporters campaign door to door and set up stalls promoting Scotland in the UK.

The tremendous dedication from people in Scotland committed to protecting our role in the UK and Scotland's interests never fails to amaze us.

We invite you to join our events and set up events with us wherever you are in Scotland.

Your support and participation makes a real difference for all Scots that are against the SNP agenda of independence.
Get involved in campaigns, let your communities know independence is not the answer!
stronger in the UK
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