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60% of Scots would vote to Remain in the UK

This week has seen Scotland in Union (SIU) lead the headlines with our recently commissioned polling. Conducted by Survation, our poll shows that 60% of Scots would vote to remain in the UK if a referendum was held tomorrow. This is the biggest endorsement of our place in the United Kingdom since the 2014 referendum.

The polling also shows that 28% of Yes voters in 2014 would now vote to remain in the UK. This is progress that we MUST build upon, and as the largest and most active pro-UK campaign in Scotland that’s exactly what we intend to do.

It’s clear now more than ever that Scots do not want or need another divisive referendum. However, we cannot be complacent as the polling also shows that the SNP remains the party commanding the most support, with 39% of the Scottish vote if a General Election was held tomorrow. This would allow them to win a further 7 seats.

As long as we have a nationalist party in power, then independence will always come first for the Scottish Government - so it’s very clear that we still have a huge job on our hands.

Our chief executive Pamela Nash was in the press this week, highlighting that if the UK didn’t exist, then we would need to invent it. Elsewhere, official figures revealed that Scots receive £1,500 more in spending on public services than elsewhere in the UK - and this additional support is growing.

One thing we can certainly take from this week is that SNP attempts at weaponising Brexit are backfiring on them. People in Scotland know that no matter their views on Brexit, independence is not the answer.


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