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Ahead of Nicola Sturgeon’s conference speech

It seems Nicola Sturgeon wanted to spend the first part of this conference being as divisive and aggressive as possible, and the second part trying to make amends.

But nobody is fooled by this attempt to smooth over a toxic campaign to rip us out of the United Kingdom.

Separation would be damaging both economically and socially, wrecking centuries of partnership, collaboration and friendship.

Nicola Sturgeon talks of the UK as a family, yet she has dedicated her political life to breaking it apart.

People expected the First Minister of Scotland to use this conference to set out how she was going to improve domestic matters, to tackle the cost-of-living crisis, repair the NHS and address standards of education.

Instead, she’s zoning in once again on the only topic she ever has and ever will care about.

Scotland’s positive future is with the UK, being a central and irreplaceable part of this family of nations.

Rejecting nationalism is the best way to ensure that bright future.

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Oct 10, 2022


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