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ASN teachers plummet under SNP

The number of additional support needs teachers in Scotland has plummeted under the SNP – despite a huge rise in those children needing help.

Analysis by Scotland in Union found there were 3,524 ASN teachers employed in Scotland in 2010, which dropped by nearly a quarter to 2,860 in 2020.

In that time, the number of youngsters with additional needs rose from 69,587 to 226,838.

It means the ratios have changed from one ASN teacher to 20 pupils to just one teacher to 79 ASN pupils now.

These figures are the latest example of the SNP’s neglect of Scotland’s education system.

It added that while the identification of children with extra support needs has improved, the recruitment and training of teachers has worsened significantly.

The official Scottish Government figures reveal 10.3 per cent of children had additional support needs in 2010, which rose to 32.3 per cent last year.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“The contrast revealed in these figures is stark and the SNP government needs to explain why this has been allowed to happen.

“While the number of children identified as having additional support needs has increased significantly, the number of teachers who specialise in helping them has decreased.

“It’s just another example of SNP neglect of our devolved education system because it has been distracted by its obsession with independence.

“Every youngster in Scotland should have the correct support in place to help them reach their potential.

“The SNP should prioritise rebuilding our education system as we recover from Covid, and not re-open old arguments about division.”

2 comentários

10 de ago. de 2021

Just another failure by a totally incompetent government. They are not interested in the day job and only want to focus on independence and the destruction of Scotland.


31 de jul. de 2021

It highlights the lack of know how and one could say intelligence among the SNP government and their supporters

The future of our nation is in the hands of incompetents

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