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August update from CEO Pamela Nash

Our supporters are united by one simple idea - they have all come to the conclusion that it is better for Scotland to stay part of the United Kingdom.

It’s a viewpoint which is shared by the majority of Scots, based on a rational view of the facts and a pride in Scotland’s success in working with our neighbours for the greater good.

In their desperation, our opponents like to paint a more sinister picture of us. Short of any sensible, persuasive arguments, it is easier to dismiss us as self-interested and anti-Scottish. It is a funny way for so-called patriots to define two million of their fellow countrymen and women.

What they ignore is the diversity and breadth of our supporters base - something which has been evident in our summer recruitment drive.

Scotland in Union has been at Edinburgh and Glasgow Pride, Mela and other community events all over Scotland. We have a range of political speakers, from former Labour MP Brian Wilson to Tory MSP Murdo Fraser, taking part in events in Glasgow and Inverness, and our next stops in Perth and Stirling, where we expect more packed audiences and lively debate.

We are reaching out to people of all backgrounds, ages, communities, confident our positive message of Scotland staying strong in the UK is for everyone. Everywhere we go, we find people responding to our campaign and thanking Scotland in Union for giving them a voice which is too often drowned out by an out of touch nationalist government.

Our summer success is in stark contrast with the SNP, who instead appear to be looking inward. New Deputy Leader Keith Brown has been sent round the country to sell the new blueprint for independence. But not to the people of Scotland you understand. He is selling it to SNP members.

It does show that the SNP’s focus remains on independence, despite everything else that demands their attention. While the nationalists fight among themselves, and puzzle over a way to sell Scots a product they don’t want, it is Scotland who suffers.

Our economy continues to drag, and the pressure is heaped on our schools and hospitals. The people of Scotland are telling us they want a government which focusses on running public services. If the SNP don’t listen up, they may find their days are numbered.

Scotland in Union are the frontline in reminding the SNP to take indyref2 off the table and get back to the day job. If you would like to see us scale up our campaign, please donate here.


Andrew Hunt
Andrew Hunt

The supporters of the union must be quicker and sharper with their rebuttal of SNP claims. However much we may not like it, the fact of the matter is that Nicola Sturgeon, especially, [and some others in SNP] come over very persuasively when they are interviewed. She is especially good at coming over as calm and measured, and is certainly well briefed. So, in short, she looks 'stateswoman' like when she is casting forth her pronouncements. She then gets away with continuing the same half truths; the assertion that SNP speaks for the Scottish nation, that a refusal of a referendum is anti-democratic etc, and she makes these views sound plausible. This is what then gets printed in the pr…


Romley Roberts
Romley Roberts

When are our pro-unionist politicians going to put their party affiliations behind them and form a Scottish Union Party to stand together at all future elections. This would be enough to kill see Nicola's endless "speaking for the people of Scotland" mantra, and show the rest of the world that a majority of Scots value our union and don't want to split it up. It makes me so sad to look through the constituency results and see our unionists splitting each other's vote and allowing SNP (who don't forget have all got differing political ideals), but are prepared to put these aside for a common goal. Why can't we unionists do this?

Ron Roberts

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