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David Curliss: Why I believe Scotland is better off in the UK

I often think of my background as quite representative of the Union. My family is from Belfast, Northern Ireland, I’ve lived in Wales and England, but have spent the majority of my life now living here, in Scotland.

When I was growing up there was always what I’d describe as a healthy competitiveness with England, really exemplified by Sport. In football and Rugby they were our rivals, and matches with, and more so victories against them were something to cherish.

Life isn’t all about sport though, and my experience of living around the UK has taught me just how similar people are all over these islands. We all, generally, have a core belief in justice, in trying to do the right thing, in helping each other in times of trouble. We share a certain ‘black humour’ when times are hard, and we come together to celebrate brilliantly when times are good, such as the 2012 Olympics.

I feel that in recent times there have been elements in our society that have been desperate to highlight perceived differences between Scots and the rest of the UK, to say that as Scots we are different somehow. Whilst of course there are differences all around the UK that should be celebrated and cherished, there’s also these core similarities and shared history that should also be celebrated and cherished.

On an emotional and personal level, that’s why I believe our Union is a good thing for Scotland, the fact that economically and politically our integral place in the Union provides us with security is a marvellous bonus that reassures me that voting No in 2014 was the

right thing to do.

- David Curliss


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