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Aberdeen Supporter Event with Ramsay Jones

On Wednesday, Scotland in Union’s North East team and supporters enjoyed an insider’s view of referendum campaigns and results nights from a Downing Street perspective.

"The occasion was a social and fundraising supper, exactly five years after Alex Salmond announced the date for the Scottish independence referendum. Ramsay Jones, an adviser to David Cameron during both that campaign and the EU referendum, gave an informative and entertaining account of what went well, what went wrong, and some of the critical factors that determined the outcomes. One of these factors was the need to overcome complacency- something that Scotland in Union strives to do.

Local businessman and personality Ken Whatmough outlined his reasons for being a Scotland in Union supporter including, being in the company of like-minded people prepared to actively contribute to recapturing the Saltire from the SNP by donating, leafleting or door knocking. Scotland in Union founder and director Alastair Cameron praised the pro-active vitality of the North East volunteers and North East organiser Allan Sutherland in combating the complacency which would allow the SNP to pursue their primary aim. He asked Scotland in Union members to keep working through their various UK-supporting political parties to ensure that the separatist threat is not forgotten, and remains on the agenda."- Aberdeen update from Mark Openshaw.


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