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February update from our Chief Executive, Pamela Nash

In recent weeks, the SNP has been doing everything in its power to use Brexit to try and gain support for a second independence referendum that Scotland does not want or need. The Scottish Government is considering all options including, it seems, a Catalan-style referendum without the agreement of the UK Government.

There has rarely been a busier time in British politics, and we are making sure that your voices are being heard, with Scotland in Union appearing in the press and media sixty-eight times since Christmas, on a variety of issues and including an appearance on Scotland Tonight, and always highlighting: Whatever your views on Brexit, independence is not the answer for Scotland.

We responded to the annual Export Statistics Scotland figures, which highlighted that our trade with our Home Market in the rest of the UK, is worth three times as much as that with the rest of the EU, yet the SNP are still willing to put our economy under threat by talking up independence. They are single-minded in their goal.

Nationalists will keep trying. And they are ready.

The SNP is a well-resourced political party with a huge number of employees and active volunteers, and elected representation at every level. They are organised and focussed on one goal, to separate Scotland from the UK. To put this in perspective, each of their MPs has more staff than Scotland in Union.

Alongside, there is the Scottish Independence Convention which has been successfully crowdfunding thousands of pounds to campaign and the newly launched Progress Scotland, Angus Robertson and Mark Diffley’s new think tank and polling body.

Whilst polling does consistently show that there is still a lead of support for Scotland remaining in the UK, it must also be remembered that:

· Support for independence has remained similar to the referendum results, it has not returned to the pre-campaign levels of below 30%.

· There is some post-Brexit movement under the headline figures, going both ways, (previous Yes voters now wanting to remain in the UK, and previous No voters now supporting independence). This remains fluid.

We had a wonderful SIU Burns Supper in Glasgow last month, which you can read about in this newsletter, and the speakers and audience really reflected the support that we have across the political spectrum in Scotland. What united guests was that it is important for those of us to proudly celebrate our Scottish culture and heritage, as it belongs to all of us who live in and/or have an affinity for Scotland, and that Scotland is stronger within the UK.

Many supporters have been telling us in recent months that they are waiting to see what happens with Brexit before deciding on donating to Scotland in Union, but let’s be clear, there is no Brexit outcome that will remove the threat of independence. The SNP will use whatever it can to push for its ultimate goal by arguing that the best future for Scotland is one away from Westminster.

What is clear is that we need this campaign to be ongoing to ensure that the SNP takes a second referendum off the table and we have a pro-UK majority in the Scottish Parliament. And with increased resources we will be able to rapidly scale up our campaign and utilise social media, traditional grassroots campaigning and media coverage to ensure that the people of Scotland are fully informed as to why we are better off in the UK.

I would ask that you please consider making a donation to Scotland in Union. We are solely funded by the donations of our supporters; every penny is spent on making the positive case for Scotland to stay in the UK. I would be delighted to discuss our work further with you if require any further information.

We simply cannot do this without you.


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