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First Minister Humza Yousaf is Standing Down

Humza Yousaf has announced he is standing down as Scotland's first minister and SNP leader.

Pamela Nash, Chief Executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“Like his predecessors, he spent far too much time obsessing about the break-up of the UK while ignoring the real priorities of people in Scotland, who are living with the failures of 17 years of the SNP in government.

“We can only hope that whoever succeeds him in Bute House learns from his numerous mistakes.

“And while Humza Yousaf prioritised breaking up Britain above everything else, he was merely continuing the traditions of his nationalist party.

“It exposes again that the SNP is happy for everything to descend into chaos so long as its constitutional obsession remains intact.

“As a political party, the SNP is totally unfit for government."

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Gordon McQueen
Gordon McQueen
29 abr

I hope Labour's motion goes through and all these SNP useless ministers are thrown out of office ASAP, and that a real government with Scotland's welfare at heart are elected.

Me gusta
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