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Groundhog Day!

Does anyone remember the film Groundhog Day? A nineties classic where Bill Murray is trapped in the same day, repeated over and over again.

At first, it's quite exciting and novel to wake up in a time loop but eventually he tires of it and tries everything to escape his own living hell. Only when he does right by his friends and colleagues is he released from his Groundhog Day.

Welcome to Scotland 2018, where every day is the same, where every problem has the same solution.

Today, SNP MPs and MSPs will take to the streets to divide our communities and force more uncertainty by trying to persuade people of the merits of another referendum on Scottish independence. It always has been, and always will be, their silver bullet for all of Scotland’s ills, and every day is a new opportunity to make their case.

The problem for Nicola Sturgeon and her gang of nationalists is there is no evidence people want a referendum. We had a referendum just four years ago, ‘once in a generation’ and poll after poll shows we don’t want another one.

Meanwhile, our NHS is creaking under the strain, education standards are falling and our economy is flatlining. The message from Scotland seems to be clear - accept the result, get on with the day job and govern for the whole of Scotland.

It seems a forlorn hope - the SNP’s obsession shows no sign of abating and our NHS, our schools and our economy suffer as a result. People are simply tired of it.

In the end, Bill Murray escapes Groundhog Day when he wakes up to his failings and finally does the right thing by other people. Either the SNP will do the right thing by Scotland by dropping their independence threats or Scotland will soon wake up to their failings.


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