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It’s time to End the Spend

We are seeing an alarming waste of taxpayer funds by the SNP/Green Government.

Their latest release, the eighth in a series titled "Building A New Scotland," specifically addressing "Our Marine Sector in an Independent Scotland," underscores their misplaced priorities and the unnecessary expenditure on a separatist agenda.

At a time when the people of Scotland are grappling with a severe cost-of-living crisis and our essential public services, particularly the NHS, are in desperate need of resources, the government persists in prioritising its obsession with breaking up Britain.

Recent polling consistently indicates that the majority of Scots do not support leaving the UK or engaging in another divisive referendum. Despite this, the SNP and its Green coalition partners continue to disregard the will of the people.

These publications are a wasteful use of taxpayers' money and valuable government resources.

The series of releases, including this eighth publication, have left the citizens of Scotland none the wiser. They fail to address the pertinent questions regarding Scotland leaving the UK, leaving us to question the true motives behind these publications.

It's time to halt this reckless spending. If you haven't already done so, then we urge you to support our 'End The Spend' petition, calling for an immediate stop to the wasteful allocation of resources towards promoting separation.

Let's refocus on the real priorities of the people and ensure that our hard-earned money is directed towards improving the lives of all Scots.


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