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John Smith: Proud to be together in this great United Kingdom

We are a small island and our nations United have made us one of the most successful trading entities in the world. To be together is to be strong...the four nations knit together to form a body of people able to be taken seriously on the world stage. Separately we are tiny, together we are mighty.

The United Kingdom has been forged over centuries and has endured many conflicts including two world wars. The Union's strength has been the ability to bring together soldiers of Scottish, Irish, Welsh and English heritage, fighting side by side to protect democracy, thus ensuring the Union prevails. The United Kingdom of our four nations is stronger together - happy in its diversity of culture that plays to the overall success of the Union.

Testimony to the interdependency of the four constituent parts are the many marriages between English and Scottish, Welsh and Irish and all other possible permutations. These relationships further cement the Union in communities the length and breadth of the UK.

In my own case, my wife's paternal grandparents travelled the length of the UK, commencing their journey in Paisley before finally settling to the west of London.  Here they put down roots, their six children marrying partners of English and Irish descent before having families of their own. Never forgetting their Scottish nor their English/Irish heritage, and proud to be British.

My wife and I, now grandparents ourselves, have lived happily together for 33 years in the Scottish Borders... with relatives as far afield as Australia, Southern England, Glasgow and Edinburgh...none of this would be possible without the Union that binds us. Proud to be British and to be part of this great United Kingdom.

John Smith.

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