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March update from our Chief Executive, Pamela Nash

This year marks Scotland in Union's fifth birthday. We will be celebrating this important milestone and the progress we have made, at our birthday party on 1st May taking place in Edinburgh. We will also be reflecting on why Scotland in Union is still very much needed, in fact more than ever, despite us being more than five years on from that "once in a generation" vote.

When we celebrate our birthday, we will also be marking a year to go until the next Scottish Parliament election. Those next 12 months are pivotal for Scotland’s future in the UK.

The SNP is running public services into the ground and is desperate to distract from its catastrophic failings when it comes to our cherished health service and schools. By all reasonable measures, the SNP is a government out of ideas, and out of steam. But to mask the crises in public services and to paper over the splits in the party, the nationalists will run a relentless, daily campaign for a divisive and unwanted second referendum on leaving the UK.

Scotland in Union is the voice of the majority of people in Scotland who do not want another referendum, so it is time for us to grow as a campaign and increase our influence in the run-up to the Holyrood elections in May 2021.

This means growing Scotland in Union in every sense:

Our social media campaigns, which are up against the SNP’s cash-rich digital operation with an army of vocal online supporters.

Our mainstream media reach, to combat the SNP’s attempts to intimidate journalists and to ensure the voices of the majority are heard.

Our ground campaign, to ensure those who are less engaged in politics are reminded that we stronger together as part of the UK.

The General Election result, Brexit, and political turmoil means there are many voters changing their minds about Scotland’s constitutional future. Fed up with division and upheaval, thousands have switched from voting Yes in 2014 and now want to remain in the UK. We don’t hear enough about them in the media – so if you or your friends have made this journey, we want to hear your story! Please get in touch with us.

But there are also wavering voters who backed No in 2014 and are now less sure about Scotland’s future in the UK. It is our job to reach out to these voters. That’s why we will continue to make the positive case for remaining the UK – and we want to shout about it.

Our vision is forward-looking. Yes, our shared history makes us feel warm towards the UK, but it is not enough by itself. We need to give voters a reason to see Scotland’s future as being stronger in the UK, and I’m delighted that so many people in the political sphere now recognise this.

With your support, Scotland in Union will lead the fight against the SNP’s negative, inward-looking vision for Scotland’s future. Our ambition for Scotland is greater. Our vision is for a Scotland that is economically successful, united, and part of something great.

If you agree with us that Scotland deserves better, please help us to grow our campaign.

And I hope you can join us on 1st May!


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