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New Export Data Shows 60% of Scotland's Trade is with rest of UK

The Scottish Government’s official export data has highlighted the vital importance of remaining part of the UK for Scotland’s economy.

The new figures show that trade with the rest of the UK of £52billion amounted to 60 per cent of all Scotland’s exports.

In contrast, the entire EU accounted for only 19 per cent (£16.4billion), while non-EU exports made up 21 per cent (£18.7Billion).

The data confirms that trade with the rest of the UK is over three times more important for Scotland’s economy than the EU, demonstrating why leaving the UK would be devastating for jobs and livelihoods – even if a separate Scotland could rejoin the EU.

The SNP’s plans to scrap the pound would also have a major negative effect on trade in goods and services, particularly in financial services which is one of Scotland’s main exports.

Nicola Sturgeon’s proposal for a separate Scotland would also lead to a hard border with England, jeopardising the frictionless movement of goods and threatening jobs – as well as building barriers between friends and families. Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“These figures conclusively demonstrate the vital importance of remaining part of the UK.

“The rest of the UK is by far the most important trade market for Scotland, dwarfing every country in the EU combined.

“Whatever you think of Brexit, it’s clear that leaving the UK and seeking to rejoin the EU – which is far from guaranteed – would be catastrophic for jobs and livelihoods.

“Rather than build barriers with the SNP’s negative vision for a weaker Scotland, we have a bright future ahead of us as part of the UK, rebuilding our economy, keeping the pound, and maintaining positive relationships with our friends and neighbours.” Read more here.


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