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A new Survation poll for the anti-UK organisation ‘Progress Scotland’ has revealed the strength of support for remaining in the UK.

The full results of the large-scale poll of over 2,000 Scots, posted online with no fanfare, have ‘backfired spectacularly’ for the pro-leave campaign, demonstrating that many former Yes voters now want to remain in the UK.

The poll shows: 37% of voters ‘completely support Scotland staying part of the UK’, compared to just 26% who ‘completely support Scotland becoming independent’.

16% of voters who backed ‘Yes’ in 2014 now ‘completely support Scotland staying part of the UK’ – compared to just 4% of 2014 ‘No’ voters who 'completely support Scotland becoming independent'.

With voters asked to rate their views on independence on a scale of 0-10, excluding those who said 5, support for remaining in the UK is 51% and support for leaving the UK is just 40%.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“This poll for an anti-UK organisation has backfired spectacularly, instead revealing the huge strength of support for remaining in the UK.

“No matter how Progress Scotland tries to spin the findings, its own figures show that massive numbers of former Yes voters have changed their minds and would now vote to stay in the UK.

“That’s no surprise given the negative Scexit campaign to scrap the pound, cut public services and erect a hard border with England.

“But while this poll is very encouraging, it must also serve as a reminder for those of us who believe in solidarity, protecting the most vulnerable, and growing our economy, that we must continue making the positive case for Scotland’s future in the UK.

  “The majority of people in Scotland know we are stronger together and want the SNP to take its reckless threat of a divisive and unwanted second independence referendum off the table.”

The full polling table can be found here:


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