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New Poll: Reality of Separation Alarms Voters

People in Scotland are far less likely to support independence if public spending is cut, a hard border is introduced with England, or the pound is replaced with the euro, a new poll has revealed.

The Survation poll tested a range of scenarios which pro-UK campaign group Scotland in Union said would be the reality of leaving the UK.

With official government figures showing that a separate Scotland would require massive spending cuts to reduce its deficit, half of those surveyed said they would be less likely to vote for independence if they thought this would happen.

Asked about the pound being replaced with the euro – which all new EU member states must commit to – 42% said they would be less likely to back independence.

And 41% said the same if a hard border was to be introduced between Scotland and England, which experts have said would be necessary and SNP figures have acknowledged.

The findings also revealed that half of voters would be less likely to back leaving the UK if their own personal income was reduced, and 45% said the same if taxes were increased.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“The SNP shouldn’t be wasting taxpayer-funded time and resources on another blueprint for leaving the UK.

“But if Nicola Sturgeon presses ahead with her constitutional obsession, she must be honest with the people of Scotland.

“Separation would result in a hard border between friends and families, and deeper austerity - with cuts to schools and hospitals.

“An independent Scotland in the EU would also be required to commit to joining the euro.

“It’s no surprise that people are less likely to support leaving the UK when presented with these realities.

“Rather than put our NHS at risk and divide communities, by remaining in the UK we can build a shared recovery that leaves nobody behind.”

You can read more on our latest polling here.

The Survation poll was of 1,040 adults aged 16+ in Scotland between August 31 and September 1.


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