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A new Survation poll for the pro-independence organisation ‘Progress Scotland’ has revealed the strength of support for remaining in the UK.

The poll shows: •    40% of voters ‘completely support Scotland staying part of the UK’, compared to just 24% who ‘completely support Scotland becoming independent’. •    17% of voters who backed ‘Yes’ in 2014 now ‘completely support Scotland staying part of the UK’ – compared to just 3% of 2014 ‘No’ voters who 'completely support Scotland becoming independent'.

This poll for a pro-SNP organisation has inadvertently revealed the strength of support for remaining in the UK.

40% of voters completely support remaining in the UK, compared to only 24 per cent who completely support leaving the UK, while large numbers who voted Yes in 2014 have now changed their minds.

Unsurprisingly, Brexit is a key issue for voters. So while this poll is very encouraging, it must also serve as a reminder that those of us who believe in solidarity and oppose nationalism that we must continue fighting for Scotland’s place in the UK. 

The future of the economy remains a vital issue for voters, and independence would be eight times as costly for our economy as even the worst-case Brexit.

The majority of people in Scotland know we are stronger together and want the SNP to take the reckless threat of a divisive and unwanted second independence referendum off the table.


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