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A new opinion poll has shown that a majority of Scots back remaining in the UK despite the SNP’s relentless campaign for more constitutional chaos.

The YouGov survey for The Times puts support for breaking up the UK at 49 per cent, down three points since the most recent poll. Support for remaining in the UK is at 51 per cent.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“Scots aren’t buying Nicola Sturgeon’s argument that we need more constitutional chaos to deal with the Brexit constitutional crisis.

“The SNP has been campaigning relentlessly to divide communities, but whatever you think of Brexit or Boris the facts haven’t changed – independence would lead to massive cuts to public services like schools and hospitals, steep tax rises, and scrapping the pound, with no guarantee of membership of the EU.

“But this poll shows that the country is split and we absolutely cannot be complacent. We must continue to passionately make the positive case for remaining in the UK to protect public services, jobs and our shared culture with friends and neighbours.”

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Sep 04, 2019

I voted to leave the UK in 2014. But due to the lies of SNP and the other parties regarding Brexit. I will never vote for the mainstream parties again, so will vote no should we have another Independent refereNeumann.

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