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Response to Brian Cox comments

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was interviewing actor Brian Cox at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on Monday evening.

Brian Cox suggested that 'conditioning' was to blame for Scots lacking enough confidence for independence.

You can watch interaction here:

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“I felt sick to my stomach when I heard these comments from Brian Cox, sat alongside Nicola Sturgeon.

“Their bizarre conclusions show just how detached both of these individuals have become. We have two prominent nationalist figures, one insulting the intelligence of Scots by saying they're 'conditioned', and another who says someone on the other side of the Atlantic has a clearer perspective than those who have to face the consequences of SNP incompetence every day.

“The not-so-thinly veiled ‘othering’ of English people by Mr Cox is at best divisive, and many would say even more serious than that.

“He claims that those of us living here in Scotland are lacking in confidence. What a lot of rubbish.

“Scottish people are not brow-beaten, we are a confident, successful people who are world leaders in many fields, not in spite of being in the UK, but by taking every opportunity available to us including as an integral part of the UK.”


Jan 12, 2023

Of course Scotland is economically viable.

Just like Denmark, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, and a host of other industrially developed nations of a similar size.

In fact Scotland is better placed than any of those, having far more natural resources and a more highly educated population - Scotland has the highest proportion of university graduates in Europe, and third in the world.

And to forestall more 'anti' comments about that, Scotland has more top ranked universities per head of population than any other country in the world except Switzerland.

I've seen a comment about the Barnett formula. That basically gives back to Scotland some of the money that is collected from it in UK taxation. No more Barnett formula,…


Jan 12, 2023

Let’s look at what the conservatives have done since they were in power:

*Taking the Scottish Government to court to stop UN human rights within legislation for children. ( are you Scottish unionists happy with that? Don’t answer I already know how you traitors would stick the knife into the SNP because of your hate)

*Abolished the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

*Implemented / reduced the benefits cap.

*Killed thousands of sick and disabled people through ESA and PIP.

*Sold vast quantities of arms to the Saudis.

*Slashed funding for pharmacies putting over 1000 at risk of closure.

*Rises in property taxes to kill off small business in England.

*Proposed jail sentences of up to 14 years for…


Sep 09, 2022

I agree with Cox, One of the reasons that Westminster won the no vote in the last independence referendum was through lies threats and intimidation. It is true Scots are conditioned to being told that they’re too small to poor, to insignificant, to economically disadvantaged, to run our country. And the BBC and almost all mainstream media is guilty of perpetuating this lie.


Aug 30, 2022

Brian cox is a great actor, But no brains when he follows Nicola and the SNP, then again he can fly back to the USA , We are left with the stupid remarks he leaves behind, and the disasters the SNP takes .

Jan 12, 2023
Replying to

Only person here that stupid is yourself Scotland has massive potential to be far richer wealthier country but it never will be whilst it is ruled by corrupt incompetent English nationalists in the Conservative government. If you look at other countries similar size to Scotland they are doing far better than Scotland but have far less resources why is that? You cannot answer that because if you were truthful you would know that Westminster is fucking Scotland. The only way for Scotland is to move forward with independence!

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