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Comment on Nicola Sturgeon’s speech to SNP conference.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“This was a speech full of nationalist rhetoric with no answers about the catastrophic impact of breaking up the UK.

“Nicola Sturgeon’s obsession with dividing communities is clear for all to see.

“She provided no answers about the consequences of a hard border with England; no answers about how to cope with a cut in public spending of £2,000 per person; and no answers about the damage that scrapping the pound would inflict on our economy.

“As it presses ahead with a new blueprint and a formal Section 30 request, the SNP must now be open and honest with voters about the reality of Scexit.

“The truth is that independence is not an answer to any of the problems that Scotland faces. The best future for our country is to remain in the UK, protecting public services for the most vulnerable, avoiding a hard border and keeping the pound, and growing our economy.”

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Joseph Quinn
Oct 15, 2019

The economic blow to the rest of the UK should Scotland become independent would be massive. Sturgeon talks of strengthening the economic ties between an independent Scotland and south of the border. But she needs to take heed of the feelings that currently exist in England towards an independent Scotland. I know from friends down there that there would be huge boycotts of all things Scottish. As an example, the tourist industry takes in millions of pounds annually from visitors from England. This income would be wiped out overnight should independence happen here. The Scotch whisky industry would be severely affected as would the 'exports' of farm produce. Sturgeon needs to think on!

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