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Scots believe leaving UK would cause massive disruption to everyday life

A major new opinion poll shows that Scots believe leaving the UK would cause massive disruption to everyday life.

The poll for Lord Ashcroft of over 2,000 adults highlights that nearly two-thirds believe Scotland would spend ‘years negotiating with the UK Government over the detailed terms of independence’.

Nearly half (48%) said the Scottish Government would have to make ‘painful cuts in public spending’ with only 18% believing that ‘not true at all’, and fears were also raised about businesses leaving Scotland with the loss of jobs.

A majority (63%) said tax rates would rise and concerns were also expressed about food prices and energy bills.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“The reality of leaving the UK is clear: it would lead to a hard border with England, create major uncertainty for businesses and consumers, and require spending cuts to vital public services.

“The SNP has not been honest with voters about the impact of separation or the complex and lengthy negotiations which would make Brexit look like a cakewalk.

“Rather than gamble with people’s livelihoods, we are stronger as part of the UK and can build a recovery from Covid that leaves no community behind.

“That should be the focus of every politician in the years ahead.”


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