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Scots less likely to support separation if it means losing Pound

A poll for the Sunday Telegraph has found that almost 40 per cent of people in Scotland would be less likely to support leaving the UK if it required replacing the pound with the euro.

The SNP wants a separate Scotland to be a new EU member state, which requires agreeing to adopt the euro.

The poll by Redfield & Wilton Strategies of 1,000 adults also found that 47 per cent of people would vote to remain in the UK in another referendum, with 44 per cent in favour of leaving.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“This is yet another poll which shows a majority of people in Scotland want to remain part of the UK.

“The strength of our pound has helped us protect jobs and the NHS throughout the Covid pandemic; yet the SNP wants to scrap the pound.

“Rather than obsess about how to divide communities and put people’s livelihoods at risk, the government should remain focused on the many years of recovery ahead.”


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