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Senior SNP figures have been branded ‘shameless’ after claiming the European election results are a mandate for a divisive second independence referendum.

During the campaign, Nicola Sturgeon insisted the contest was not about independence and appealed to pro-UK voters to back the SNP.

She said during the campaign: “This is about Scotland’s right to be heard, it’s about sending a message at this European election about Scotland’s aspirations to remain in the EU. The strongest way of sending that message is to vote SNP, whether you are for or against independence.”

But SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford said this morning: “The Scottish National Party has a mandate for an independence referendum and we need to be able to secure our own future as a European nation.”

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said: “The SNP is utterly shameless. “Nicola Sturgeon appealed to pro-UK voters to back her in this election, but as soon as the votes are counted the SNP reverts to type and claims a fresh mandate for an unwanted and divisive second independence referendum. “This election was not about independence, which we know is only supported by a minority of people in Scotland. “But it’s a stark reminder that the SNP will never stop campaigning to divide us, which is why we must also continue to campaign for a better future for Scotland as part of the UK.”


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