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SNP apply for 'indyref2' to appear on election ballot papers

The SNP has applied to the Electoral Commission to include ‘indyref2’ in its party description on the election ballot paper.

An application to the electoral watchdog shows the SNP has tried to register “Both Votes SNP for IndyRef2” and “Vote SNP for IndyRef2” as ways to describe themselves.

The third description focuses purely on the SNP leader: “Nicola Sturgeon for SNP First Minister.”

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“This tells you everything you need to know about Nicola Sturgeon’s priorities.

“The SNP could have prioritised recovery, health, education or jobs on the ballot paper, but it has chosen division.

“This astonishing decision means that voters will have it in black and white on the ballot paper – the SNP’s only focus is a divisive second referendum.”

Read more here and here.

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