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Sturgeon shames the office of First Minister

Nicola Sturgeon today shamed the office of First Minister as she set out plans to waste more taxpayers’ money on fresh attempts to divide people - at the expense of Scotland’s crisis-hit schools and hospitals.

She said she will create a ‘constitutional convention’ on how to divide communities, commission new papers on leaving the UK, and retest the 2014 referendum question.

  She also refused to rule out a 'consultative' referendum, but finally admitted there may not be a contest this year – something which is only supported by a third of Scots.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“This was nothing but an opportunistic speech designed to distract from the SNP’s catastrophic failings in government.

“It is sickening that Nicola Sturgeon is willing to neglect struggling schools and hospitals, and waste even more public money on her never-ending campaign to divide the people of Scotland. She even failed to rule out a Catalan-style ‘consultative’ referendum that would result in an expensive legal battle.

“She has shamed the office of First Minister as she throws crumbs to SNP members, and has clearly learned nothing from the past few years. People are crying out for unity, but she wants to double her efforts to tear communities apart.

“She should remember she was elected as the First Minister for everyone in Scotland and get on with the job of fixing our broken public services. Scotland deserves better.”

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