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UK Gov submits written argument to Supreme Court

The UK Government has submitted its written argument to the Supreme Court in relation to the SNP’s proposed second referendum on leaving the UK.

It is understood the UK Government has asked for the Supreme Court’s permission to publish the submission.

A spokeswoman for the UK Government said: “People across Scotland want both their governments to be working together on the issues that matter to them and their families, not talking about another independence referendum.

“We have today submitted our written case to the Supreme Court, in accordance with its timetable.

“On the question of legislative competence, the UK Government’s clear view remains that a Bill legislating for a referendum on independence would be outside the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament.”

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:

“This costly exercise is entirely down to the SNP’s obsession with its negative campaign to leave the UK, when the focus on government should instead be on the cost-of-living crisis, jobs and the economy, and the future of our NHS and schools.

“The SNP is ignoring the will of the people of Scotland as it pursues its aim of dividing communities.

“Scotland’s positive future is as part of the UK, and the people of Scotland want our governments to work together to unite communities and focus on the real challenges ahead of us.”

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09 ago 2022

The four Nations must stay together as one United Kingdom, Scotland is going downhill under the Scottish Nationalists as they are not strong enough or wise enough to do the job on their own, We need Indy2 to be put in the past and forgotten about forever !

Mi piace
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