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31 Down 1 To Go - No More Referendums Tour

Scotland in Union has now reached 31 campaign stops as our tour of Scotland’s 32 council areas draws to a close, with only the Western Isles still to be visited by our Campaigns Manager Andrew Skinner.

Andrew has been extremely busy taking our positive message about our place in the UK to every corner of the country with street stalls and leafleting events.

Our campaign message of ‘No More Referendums’ has been warmly welcomed by volunteers, supporters and members of the public in every area of the country we’ve visited.

The results tell their own story – thousands of newly signed up supporters all over the country and now regional teams sprouting up to keep the campaigning going.

When we set out at the end of June, we were unsure how our campaign would be received in the different parts of Scotland but we were sure we would find support in every community, and we did. We have been overwhelmed by the response – people literally queuing up to sign up for Scotland in Union at our streets stalls, wishing us well, thanking us for our good work and posing for pictures for our social media.

It is clear to us that there is a strong appetite for people to rally for the UK and oppose another divisive Scottish independence referendum.

In 2014, pro-UK minded people were reluctant to publicly support the UK because they feared the backlash from the Yes campaign. This time around, our activists are finding a public more open and confident in opposing nationalism. We have even managed to sign up a number of former Yes supporters and, one has even agreed to be one of our many regional leaders/organisers. 

Of course, campaigning isn’t just for the summer! We are now gearing up regional teams who can step up campaigning in their local communities. From Orkney to Dumfries, from Aberdeen to Edinburgh and Glasgow to Inverness; Scotland in Union will aim to be active as much as possible and across as much ground as possible.

Currently active Scotland in Union regional teams:









West Lothian

To follow soon:


Ayrshire (Three council areas)

Scottish Borders

If you would like to help out in your local area then please contact our campaigns manager, Andrew Skinner, on

If there is no local team in your area, then perhaps you would like to help with the setting up of one? If so, then again please contact our campaigns manager on the email address above.

If you would like to be kept up to date with events in your local area, then please register your support here.

If you cannot help Scotland in Union campaign then perhaps you can help us with a financial donation towards the setting up of our regional teams and the materials which keep them active. If so then please click here.


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