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At her party conference this afternoon, Nicola Sturgeon insisted she will keep making the case for independence – and she "always" will.

"We may not yet know exactly when the choice will be made. But we can, we must, and we will always make the case for independence".
- Nicola Sturgeon, 10th October.

Showing a tin ear to the majority of Scots who have urged her to get on with the day job, the First Minister insisted the case for independence has never been stronger.

Despite losing a third of their MPs in the recent election and poll after poll rejecting their calls for a second referendum, the SNP Government is determined to push ahead with its constitutional obsession at the expense of Scotland.

This week, new polling research commissioned by Scotland in Union revealed most Scots are not impressed by the SNP’s record in Government and support for Nicola Sturgeon is in freefall.

It also shows nearly half of Scotland believe they were misled by the SNP ahead of the referendum and think we would be worse off if we had voted Yes.

That’s why we need a campaign like Scotland in Union to answer the divisive rhetoric from the nationalists and remind people of the positives of being part of the UK.

You can make the SNP Government listen and stop a second referendum by giving us your support so we can make ourselves heard.


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